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Reading class about Jatakas, especially using a text by the Third Karmapa called "Hundred Jatakas" (skyes rabs brgya pa).

Classical Tibetan Reading Online Class

Texts about Abhidharma, lo rgyu and rnam thar

Classical Tibetan Reading 1 gives a first reading experience in the rnam thar genre at the example of the life story of the 7th Karmapa.

Classical Tibetan Reading 2 introduces into the reading of the phyag chen sngon 'gro, the preliminary practices for Mahamudra used in the Karma Kagyü lineage.

March 2020

Advanced Reading Classical Tibetan 1

Advanced Reading Classical Tibetan 2

Test course for playing for admin and teachers

Basics for Tibetan Studies: Learning the Tibetan Alphabet (April 2024))